The first gnome in Kinder Brand’s “Where The Gnomes Roam” Series, Augustus The Gnome is excited to visit your home. So whether you’re keeping him for yourself, or sharing him as a gift – he wanted me to share a few details about himself to make sure you’ll be fast friends. Augustus loves warm bilberry pie, especially with a dollop of cream. His small stature means he’s perfectly adapted for city homes, but he’s just as happy roaming the countryside foraging for wild treats. And while Augustus loves all children, he does ask that you keep him away from infants and toddlers, as they love to pull on his beard and nose and he’d hate for them to get hurt. If you’d like to adopt Augustus, he can be at your house in just a few days (gnomes are notorious for hitchhiking their way to and fro hidden inside USPS parcels).

If You Adopt Augustus, You’ll Receive:

  • 1 Handcrafted Plush Gnome (approx. 9″ High x 3″ in Diameter)
  • 1 Coloring Page
  • 1 Fun Facts Page
  • 1 Certificate of Gnomehood
  • 1 Where The Gnomes Roam Die Cut Sticker
  • 1 Reusable Storage Box
  • USPS Priority Shipping (US Only)