Friend, I want to share something with you. I want to share how profoundly my morning practice influences and inspires my daily life.

I wasn’t always a believer. After walking through two very traumatic events as a teen, I was convinced there wasn’t a God. I spent 18 years of my adult life as an atheist with a bad attitude and a fiery temper (I’m still working on this one).

Looking back on those years, I realize the little whispers on the wind, the subtle stirrings in my heart; they were just God patiently and lovingly leading me back to the flock. God never gave up on me and always met me where I was. He spoke truth into my life in the only place He could reach me – in nature, in His Creation.

Now, my faith is my lifeline. When demons from the past surface or new challenges arise, my faith is what allows me to face each day with hopeless optimism even when the world feels bleak and overwhelming. I find myself leaning on my faith more than ever these days and I wanted to find a way to share that with you in a safe way that honors where you are in your faith journey.

My morning practice is what deepened my faith most. In a time when it is so easy to ignore the need to tend to your spiritual and emotional health, setting aside time to dwell in the Word and to be alone with God is a sacred gift I give to myself that doesn’t cost a dime, yet bears such sweet fruit.

While every morning is truly unique, I walk away from each day’s practice rooted and ready to face the day. I find strength, courage, hope, energy, peace, understanding, forgiveness and so much more during this quiet, contemplative time talking to God.

My morning practice wasn’t something that came naturally at first. It felt awkward, even annoying at times, because it was just another thing dangling on my ‘To Do’ list.

However, the more I committed to it, the more I realized how valuable and transformative a habit it was. And that’s why I want to share it with you. I would love for you to grow in your faith and benefit from the awesome positivity that comes from being rooted in the Word.

By setting aside time and space to talk with God, I think you’ll be surprised at how He shows up, how He speaks to you through the Word, and how He uses the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide you.

So whether your faith is strong and you’re just struggling with making a morning practice stick, or you’re exploring your faith and trying to decide what feels right for you, I want to encourage you to try a morning practice for the next 2 weeks or so. I also want to share a few tips that helped me move from viewing my morning practice as a task that needed to be completed, to a sacred lifeline I refuse to live without.

1 – Be Consistent. Find a time and space that you can visit consistently and be truly alone, quiet, and uninterrupted for the duration of your practice.

2 – Be Purposeful. Treat this time as the sacred gift it is. Find ways to make it special and joyful. I like to sit at my dining room table with the lights dimmed. I light a candle and start with a prayer. Not only does this make my practice feel scared, it helps get me focused.

3 – Find A Travel Companion. I’ve found that using a devotional on a topic that stirs curiosity in my heart is a great way to allow the Lord to speak to me through others. I like to start each day with a page in my devotional and then let my practice meander from there. Here’s a list of some of my favorite devotionals to provoke thought and provide direction.

In addition to a devotional, find a friend or mentor who’s farther along in their faith journey. Sharing your journey with a friend can help you both grow in faith.

4 – Set a Goal. When you start your morning practice, decide how many days you’re going to commit to and how many minutes each day you will devote to this centering activity. It’s like exercise, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable so you can get past the ‘this is too difficult’ stage so you can start seeing tangible results. I recommend starting with 14 days. Try it out for a solid 14 days and see what it does for you.

5 – Experiment. There are many translations to choose from and many types of media by which you can read the Word. I encourage you to experiment with the various options to find a good fit for your personality and routine. Something that really helped me in the beginning was finding a translation that was easy and enjoyable to read.

6 – Be Flexible. While it’s important to stick to your overall goal, don’t let life get in the way of meeting your daily goals. In an effort to show up every day for your practice, you may have to be a little flexible with the when and where. Shift the time, shift the place, just don’t shift your commitment.

Quite honestly, it’s days like these that can bear really sweet fruit. Your detour may be a perfectly timed gift from God that allows you to gain new understanding because you weren’t stuck in your normal routine.

7 – Morning, Noon, Or Night – Find A Time That’s Right. When I say morning practice, that’s because that’s what works best for me. Finding the time and space that work best for you is crucial to your success. If you’re a night owl and your thoughts are most lucid when tucking into bed, awesome I’m so excited for you! If you prefer to use your lunch break each day, that’s great too. All that matters is that you’re setting aside time to be alone with God so He can speak beautiful truth into your life.

Well, friend, I hope these tips help you start or grow your morning practice. I hope they encourage you to spend more time in the Word. I hope they help you experience the peace and knowing that comes from rooting yourself in the Word and seeking God in all you do.

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From lighting a subtly scented candle to mark the beginning of your practice to prioritizing your daily to-do list in a way that allows you to live fully in your purpose, this gift box offers real tools to help root yourself in the Word.

And since a morning practice is also about your commitment to self-care and personal growth, we’ve included a few details to help in this department as well.

The live succulent serves as a tangible symbol of your growth and development. Over time, as your practice and faith grow, so will your beautiful plant. And by placing your hope sticker in a spot that you see often, it will remind you to remain hopeful even when the journey is a bit rocky.

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Love and Hugs,