Stephanie & Sherlock Hound

During a recent trip to the countryside, I accidentally stumbled upon Berkshireville – a quiet woodland village Where The Gnomes Roam.

The only reason I found it really, is because Sherlock Hound has the keenest nose. Despite their best efforts to hide, Sherlock found a group of gnomes crouched behind a moss covered rock.

I assured the Gnomes we meant no harm. We were just exploring nature, looking to get lost in her magic. Eventually, the gnomes agreed to let us set up camp on the outskirts of their village and we spent a few weeks with our new friends.

I won’t lie, sometimes it got a little hairy… Sherlock kept forgetting that gnomes don’t like dog kisses and they most certainly don’t like to be picked up without permission. However, this happy and helpful bunch let us learn about gnomish life and said it would be okay if we returned each year for a visit.

They also said I could share our tales of gnomish adventure as long a we promised to keep the actual location of Berkshireville a secret.

Since Augustus the gnome (the village elder) was the first gnome we met in Berkshireville, I thought it would be best to introduce him first.

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