DIY Wedding Flowers –
Are They Right For You?

If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on flowers, but you’re also not sure you can hack the whole DIY Wedding Flower thing – you’re in the RIGHT spot! We’re here to help you understand the process and make sure DIY Wedding Flowers are the right choice for your big day.

Did you know that by opting for DIY Wedding Flowers, you can trim your flower budget by up to 60% compared to using a traditional full-service florist.

And with our help and guidance, we are confident you will totally NAIL the DIY part!

So what do you say? Are you ready to save some money and have a whole lotta fun along the way?

Awesome, let’s take a look at how this whole thing works.

  1. Give Us All The Deets
  2. We’ll Make A Clear Plan
  3. You Create Kickass Floral Designs
  4. SMILE! Your Flowers Just Helped A Non-Profit (we donate a portion of every sale to Shepherds College)

How It Works

We’ll Talk Deets

Schedule a phone consultation so we can discuss Every. Single. Detail. We kick it old school (no video conference), so yoga pants and 3rd day hair are A-OKAY!

We’ll Make A Plan

We’ll create a step-by-step plan for you, complete with flower recipes and helpful tips, to ensure your DIY Wedding Flower experience is exactly what you hoped it would be.

You Create Kickass Flowers

Once you’re 100-Percent satisfied with the plan, we’ll book your bulk stem order. Gorgeous, florist-grade flowers will arrive at your door and you’ll create some truly kickass flowers.

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